(Baseball) 2019 Bowman Chrome Base
(Baseball) 1997 Donruss Preferred Base
(Baseball) 1997 Donruss Elite Base
(Baseball) 1996 Leaf Steel Base
(Baseball) 1999 Bowmans Best Base
(Baseball) 1999 Pacific Prism Base
(Baseball) 2002 Upper Deck Vintage Base
(Baseball) 2003 Donruss Champions Base
(Baseball) 2019 Topps Heritage High Number Award Winners
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Unparalleled
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Titan
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Timeless Treasures
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Status
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Spectra
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Score
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Rookies and Stars
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Playoff
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Phoenix
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Obsidian
(Baseball) 2019 Panini Chronicles Limited

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