CubsWin12 (Illinois)
This is the one thing I been looking for to grad and go to shows. I really dont have to run lists anymore and I can check off what I buy right then and there I just grab my IPAD; I dont run 100 lists every tme I go to a show. This is awesome!!
SlickRick (Virginia)
Personally Inventories aside, I manage my whole store from this site. This is a one of a kind and a must have for avid collectors and dealers alike. I can look up a card in a seconds to see if I have it and where it is stored.
FrozenFred (Canada)
Would like more Hockey, but all you do is send them a note, they got up 10 sets in hours have I asked them too. Seems like these guys know what they are doing and respond quickly.
AmericasTeam (Texas)
Crossing off inventory is one thing, but have you seen the Tools to manage it. The EBAY quick look up is a great feature so that you can see what the market is bearing before you enter discussions at a show. This site has already saved me hundreds of dollars I might have over paid.